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as a child i was abused by three different cousins and I've always kept it to myself and I've only told one of my friends should i let my boyfriend know?


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  • what kind of abuse?

    • sexual

    • if your guy is sort of middlle age old man had a lot of experience, if that he probably wouldn't mind. but for a young guy , hard to image what's his reaction, there's a good chance will scare him off. or he would love you more some guys dig that, or his expectation of you getting a little down.

      i think this kind of dark corner you should tell him ealier even before your relationship starts. if you choose the period to do it just right before you two ready to get physically, i don't know the exactly word about how this feel, a little sad and frustrated?

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  • I think at some point, before you get too intimate, you should tell him. I know many girls feel OK on the surface, but when their boyfriends start accepting an invitation to get more intimate, the girl can panic and things can go seriously wrong from there.

    Don't say anything until you are really sure you want to get intimate.


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  • Yes you should tell your boyfriend about it so that it won't come from someone else


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  • Of course you should tell him so you can talk about your fears and apprehension (if you have any) before you get intimate :)
    It will help him understand your reaction