Does this define my ability?

I tried out for my school's floor hockey team this year and I didn't make it. Yeah, not making it isn't a big deal but it sure as hell hurts a lot. After the tryouts ended, the coach came up to me and asked, " Did you play for our school team before?" and I said, "No", to which she said, " We were waiting for a player like you." We said goodbye and stuff and that was pretty much it. I went home, so happy that she actually thought I was worth it or the fact that I actually stood out to her. The next day, the list goes up. And I didn't make it. BUT. someone who i took the ball away from easily, beat in speed and stamina tests and such, someone who couldn't stick handle very well, made it, but I didn't.
I've been feeling down ever since and I finally decided to ask what was bugging me - does this define my ability? Because I didn't make the team this year, does it really mean that I'm not a good hockey player and that someone who can't complete the basics properly, is better? They must have had something else, that I can't see. Heck, even some of the kids on the team couldn't see it. Or it could have been favouritism because there's a lot of that and this girl was REALLY close with the coach from beforehand. I really don't care what happened, she made it, I didn't. But what bothers me is if this really means that she's better than I am at something i've been dedicated to for so long? This probably sounds really childish - I apologize for that, but it honestly hurts :(


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  • Don't let this define who you are. Yes favoritism exist in all sports. And from what you wrote you seemed like the better player and better fit for the team. Just train harder work harder and try out again next year. Also I would talk to the coach one on one to find out whu I didn't make it. And I think you have a good case that you have skills.

    • I'm switching school's because im moving so I won't have the chance to speak to the coach again :P but why would a coach compliment a player and then choose someone who's slower and just hits the stick where ever they can, to try to get the ball away and missing the ball, rather than properly stick handling to get he ball away. Heck even when I was stick handling, the kid tried to get the ball away from me by trying to push my stick away - i got hit more than the actual blade of my stick :|

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    • Your very welcome. :) I agree defense would not be better if a person can't stick handle properly. It makes defending with your body useless. :( At least you tried. Never give up hope.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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