Question for GAG combat sports fans: Do think is pretty senseless and stupid of how Boxing and MMA fanboy/girls constantly debate in a heated manner?

about which of their beloved sport is better/superior or which of their beloved sport are taking the lead in popularity?

As a die hard fan of both sports, I don't see why these two (boxing and MMA) can't co-exist without a bunch of dumbass fanboy/girls of both sports constantly fighting like 12 year old kids. Sure, MMA are trained with more tools to use in a street fight compared to boxers but I still wouldn't easily dismiss boxers just because they aren't trained to grapple or kick. Both of these sports still have referees, rules and regulations where in a street fight, literally anything can go and happen. MMA may surpass boxing in the American popularity but on a global popularity, boxing still takes the lead.

People need to accept that these two sports will never go away and are both great and entertaining in their own ways.

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  • It's annoying... I usually just zone out 😔


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  • I find MMA in general to be stupid, and even though I box I am a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do the father of MMA. I say this as a martial artist, a skilled boxer is devastating but can't stand up to a martial artist of the same skill, martial arts has to many advantages over boxing, the ability to grab, grapple, take down, hold, hard and light blocks, kicks, etc.

    But when you combine boxing with martial arts it is very deadly

    Personally I utilize the advantages of both, boxing and martial arts, the punching in boxing is far superior to that of martial arts for it's ability to quickly counter attack, punch speed and power, and that is what I use for punching, but I also utilize many traditional martial arts which I use stand alone or combined with boxing making it very dangerous.


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  • No, it's fun and why does it matter. It's simple, if you don't wanna be apart of it, just walk away. Not everyone feels like you do bro.

    • It's stupid and pointless. What is the fun that you find in it? Just a bunch of retards (who are most likely just a bunch of casual fans who are pretentious and want to act like badasses behind computers) with their stupid arguments that make little to no logical sense. I mean what are you gonna gain out of the stupid Boxing vs MMA debate?

    • Again, if you dont like it, step out of the convo.
      You may not have interest but others do.

    • But I'm just curious. What is the fun that you find in these type of debates?