If a guy runs away from you like this, does he like you or not like you?

1) Stutters when I look at him and he presents
2) Gives me this uncomfortable glance when I'm standing in front of him
3) Purposely not walk my way when I'm there
4) Catch him staring at me and looking away real fast when he does
5) Sometimes catch him giving me disgusted looks as though he's really affected by my behaviour and I'm like lol what?
6) If someone is talking about me indirectly, he'll immediately look to me as though he's thinking something, and the moment I look at him he looks away.

If I didn't think he was sort of smart, I'd be really annoyed by him.


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  • He sounds annoying. I would ignore him. The disgusted looks don't sound very endearing, more like he dislikes you.

    • I think he's confused or something on what he thinks of me.

      Why would he dislike me when he doesn't know me...

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    • Yeah I think so precisely

    • I think he's one of those nerdy types so a part of him is all like well she seems nice/pretty and teh other part is like STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY