Why is she behaving like this I really don't get it?

This girl in my group is the group member from hell.

She won't let anyone talk. She won't let anyone brainstorm. She tries to correct me, put me down, ugh she is fucking jealous as shit but I don't get why the hell she doesn't understand in her pea-sized brain that it's a group mark?

I mean if everyone's getting the same mark why does it matter whether or not she opens her unintelligent mouth? I don't get it!


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  • She's one of those controlling type of person. Mostly, it's issues with herself (that she might not even be aware of) Either you tolerate her or you tell her what your problem with her is.

    • I tried both methods it's like she actually doesn't get she's both wasting my time and making a fool of herself. She seriously actually doesn't get it.

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    • There really are people like her. You could say they're Obsessive Compulsive (towards their work) and want everything perfect and sees their opinion as the only solution though there are some who's just doing it to get all the praises when everything goes right.
      And if your group put her in charge, then goodluck to you. If she gets to compile everything and edit, she might even change what the members did and as I've observed with people like her I've been with, though you're willing to help, if it doesn't reach her standard, she'd feel like you're not helping at all or you're not putting in as much effort.

      There's not much you can do really if the person's so stiff, she doesn't see how she acts nor makes a move to at least cope or understand what you're saying. I guess you'd have to live with it and hope it all end soon or go against her and ignore her remarks or tell your professor... given that you can't resolve the problem in a more professional means.

    • She's not even smart! That's the funny part