Should I be friends with him or avoid him?

I have this friend who is working for a certain political Party in my country ( for being anonymous I will only say that I am from Asia ) . He told me yesterday He signed a contract with this party to engage in Social media bashing of the opposing party leader and his subordinates. Mind My English , what I mean is he will make , memes, photoshop faces etc into pics in a way to insult the opposing party. Now I know in the west people would immidiately consider this stupid and wouldn't care , but where I live (the east, more specifically South asia ) it has a significant effect on people's view as people here are STUPID. Now regardless of political opinions I find this "keyboard warrior" act of his a low thing to do. It's his way of getting into the good terms with the political party in the future (as he wants to be a minister or whatever) . I honestly hate him for using indirect and cowardly ways like this , however all political parties do this. SO I can't say its only him who is doing it. But Regardless I feel Disgusted...

Should I even be friends with someone like this? ! he's stilll 19 I mean cmon get a life !


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  • What he's doing may not be right and though he might not see things the way you do, I don't see why you shouldn't be friends with him or at least be in good terms with him.

    • well for one , anybody who can do to do that type of cyber bashing can easily do it to a friend of his. That's why. I don't want to even think what he might to do a friend of his who he doesn't like...

    • Good point. But I'd be at least in good/talking terms with him, not necessarily get too chummy and go out for drinks.

    • Totally , better not to hangout with him. But neither of us drink , yet I think it would be best to avoid him as much as possible...

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  • That type of campaigning as long being used in the west - You are following our lead into sewer.