How do I help my cat?

Yesterday, our backdoor blew in, while my cat was sitting in the doorframe - her tail got caught in the door.
She didn't want to let any touch it yesterday afternoon, and this morning I decided to look at it again.
She let me touch it, but I could feel this ''bump'' around her tail - and I know she didn't exactly enjoy me touching the tail.

She appears to be better this morning, want to explore, go outside, play.. etc.
However, she's extremly afraid of doors shutting.
Should I go to the vet with her tail?
Can I somehow make her new fear of doors disappear? She never had this problem before.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Try giving her affection and favorite treats around the door or when she hears the door sound which ever she gets frightened of, I think it's called conditioning if it works on humans it should work on animals


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  • If you are really concerned, I'd just take her to get her checked out.


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