How do I appreciate a girls femininity?

I want to learn how to appreciate a woman's femininity. What does this mean?

Their body? Their mind? Their feminine thought process?

Can anyone explain it to me?

What do you appreciate about them?


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  • Well you it doesn't necessarily have to be women in order to appreciate femininity.
    Obviously female bodies is a good way to appreciate femininity. Even though what makes a body feminine is very confusing.
    You can appreciate things like arts which are typically more related to femininity.
    Aspects of a feminine personality like being more demure or submissive.
    You can look as fashion so softer silhouettes, softer colors, etc
    It doesn't necessarily have to be a woman or made by a woman to be feminine.

    • yea but I'm talking about the person...

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    • what are the functions that are unique to a feminine mind?

    • I don't know exactly but they tend to be more untuned with their emotion and what they feel. They also tend to be more analytical.

  • all of the above!

    • other than their body... what should I appreciate about their mind? Or anything that isn't their body?

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