Is that why he feels bad?

I know this guy who I met in a really 'professional' environment, and I think he sort of liked me.

But then it was really professional and impersonal, and I started acting weird. He stayed away/started being rude, etc. etc.

I think he had this internal dilemma over doing what the school tells him to do which is, 'STAY AWAY from those who are not hungry, money grabbing types,' and 'hey I think this lost girl is sort of nice and cute.'

Anyways, now he keeps trying to talk to me/stare at me without looking away, and I'm like all, 'what does he want exactly?'

I remember feeling so hurt that he did that. It felt like in one second he went from a friend to a total stranger who I have no connection with.


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  • lol and how is that you know what his internal dilemma is?

    Sounds like you're overthinking his behavior

    • Okay so what do you think it is lol?

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  • he likes you!

    • Why? He had a chance to get to know me as a friend and a person and he's the one who chose to turn his back on me.

      So why does he want to talk now when everything is over? Could it be he realizes that what he wanted was not exactly what he thought it was

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