In real life would anyone get lost in the woods for decades?

Though the ''Are you afraid of the dark'' epsiodes was my favorite, there is something I've been wondering. One of the episodes called The Tale of Watcher's Wood was about 3 young girls who got lost in the woods about 70 years ago.

They left behind their whistle (what they've been looking for) and some other girl finally returns it back to them, they're gone. By then, they were ugly, old hags scaring the heck out of anyone entering the woods.

But seriously would anyone get lost that long? I would be thinking about burning woods already and giving signals. Not spend 50+ in the woods lost. And wouldn't the rescuers continue their search?

you can also guide yourself through the sun during the daytime or look for the stars at night


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  • I mean, unless you got lost in the wilderness of Idaho or similar - in which case I doubt you would survive very long because, well, cliffs/infection/winter/thirst/hypothermia/starvation/bears/etc., not necessarily in that order.
    But if you did survive I suppose you could get lost in there for a couple of years at least. There's a looooooot of forest out there.

    What you're describing? Really doubt it.