Hi how are you friends?

Hi how are you friends? I just entered this site. Is it like other site where I just saw My videos?


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  • LOL the age. Nice to know age doesn't keep a young soul from fulfilling its desires.

    Welcome to GAG, the lesser known and superior-in-every-way brother to Yahoo Answers. I can't say we have cake, but the cake was a lie anyway. But in any case, the site is pretty awesome and has a great international community. We have our trolls, but I'm sure your age and wisdom will be able to sniff them out like every other part of the internet.

    Enjoy. It's addicting as hell.


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  • How does it feel to be a 109 y/o prostitute?

    • What else could i do? I got into it since when i was 17. I still do it (With Grandpas who come to my home)

    • Well, good for you, if that makes u happy.. 👍

    • Nice one MissNowhere. And to answer you, probably about the same feeling as a 109 y/o troll?

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  • Let me pick your brains!

    Are you trafficked? If not, prove it?
    Do you charge per pop or per hour?
    How much do you truly get paid per week and how much does your agency or pimp get?
    How many clients per day?
    How often do you get tested?
    Can you even feel pleasure from intercourse anymore?

    I'm gonna assume you're a troll unless proven otherwise.

  • I'm watching one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in the world, (EVO in Las Vegas), on livestream using Twitch, all weekend long!

    Today is the grand finals for all the games! So yes, I'm rather geeked out right now!

    Next year, I'm going for sure! #BookIt #NerdLife #FGC 8-)




  • Well, it could be


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  • Lol a prostitute that I 109 years old!! Haha 😆 and she still got guys paying for her service!!! ;D lol lol lol

    • What else could i do? I got into it since when i was 17. I still do it (With Grandpas who come to my home)

  • I'm good but are you really 109 years old O_O Welcome to Gag by the way! :D

  • Here we go again.

    A guy pertaining to be female.

    109 years old and a prostitute from India!

    Just another TROLL.

    • No i am really 109 and i am basically from sri lanka , moved to India for better money.

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    • Yes of course I do, they're everywhere I look!

      Just one more thing before I come to my senses and stop wasting my time with you, please don't try telling any of us that, that is you in your profile picture.

      You'll just make yourself look even more foolish than you already are.

    • Hello , that is me when i was young. Please think before you speak something