Do mothers get free passes from society to treat their children, especially their sons, like shit, partially because of their gender?

I'm just wondering. Everywhere I read on the internet, people constantly say that a child should always love his/her mother no matter how much of an abusive piece of shit she is, which I think is the most bullshit thing I've ever heard. The mother was the one who MADE THE CHOICE on her own free will (at least in most cases, not all) to have a child. The mother is the one who made the choice to have relationships with what ever type of man that he should have known how he is and most of all, the mother is the ADULT (or much older one) who should be a compassionate role model to her kids that protects them at all cost, along with letting their children live long enough while she already has lived longer than them.

I bring this up since I knew a boy who suffered from constant physical and emotional abuse from his single mother (who's currently unemployed and leeches off of child support and welfare money) and no one does anything about it to help him. That speaks volume for how selfish, backwards and retarded our society has always been. Luckily for me, I have a mother who actually does her part and showed A LOT of patience and compassion with me like a real mature lady/mother should.

As much as I hate abusive fathers equally, at least they don't get free passes from society to be abusive pieces of shit.

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  • Not generally.. but as far as the law is concerned there is a distinct lean in favour of the mother, even in cases where she has dirrectly harmed the child, and the father has been a good parent by every deffinition.
    I have worked in education and care, and have many friends who work in connected fields, and some of the stories I have heard are downright shameful. In one case for instance the father ended up with the kids because a neighbour caught the mum wandering the streets high off her head while the dad was at work, she had left the two toddlers alone in the house. It hit the courts, the Dad left her and tried to take the kids. Increasingly it came out that she had been hiding the drugs in their room, and even left needles out within reach.
    About six years on, she has still been taking drugs and gotten caught repeatedly, but she is clean for about six months, and launches a legal case to have sole custody. She wins hands down even thought the dad has done nothing wrong. Within three weeks she was back on the drugs and even tried to force them on the kids.


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  • You need to do something about your friend. Get him to read "shrink4men," website. It's not ALL about partners -- there is a little bit there about parents.

    It's one of the few places to get help that hasn't been corrupted by feminism.

  • Yup, they do. The Duluth Model explicitly states that women cannot be aggressors. Feminism in action.

  • no... you just had unfortunately a bad mother.

  • Perhaps it's like that in your area. In my area, mothers are judged more harshly when it comes to their kids. All a dad needs to do to be considered a good father is to pay attention to his kids every now and then. Mothers are held to much higher standards. When it comes to abuse, the entire system is messed up, no matter the gender of the abuser.