80s album: Favorite album by Brilliant/This Way Up/Haysi Fantayzee/The Beatmasters/Captain Sensible?

A bunch of artists being active in 80s mostly. Captain Sensible (guitarist from The Damned, releasing some poppier stuff as a solo artist) and The Beatmasters were most popular here.

Anyway if I had to choose I’d go wid Beatmasters’ album…fuckin awesome :D

  • Kiss The Lips Of Life (Brilliant)
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  • Feelin' Good About It (This Way Up)
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  • Battle Hymns for Children Singing (Haysi Fantayzee)
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  • Anywayawanna (The Beatmasters)
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  • Women And Captains First (Captain Sensible)
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  • The Power Of Love (Captain Sensble)
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  • Revolution Now (Captain Sensible)
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  • After a bit of a root around I remember Capt Sensible I forgot he was in The Damned - I was leaning towards The Beatmasters but Ska Train tipped it in their favour. I always had a soft spot for ska.

    • yeah it's hard to believe but he was in The Damned... his solo works r totally different and much poppier

    • Thanks for MHO

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