Why do some girls start talking you but then expect you to carry the conversation and further it?

I'm confused, there's been some girls on tinder and pof that would message me first just by saying a simple hi but then as the conversation would go on, it'd feel like they'd give no effort. It's like they'd give one word replies and the conversation would feel generic and forced like I was interviewing and that shit is painfully annoying. They don't do anything to further it and it's like I feel as if I have to have something interesting to say all the time or I'm considered boring when really they're the boring one.

It's like their only words are yeah, no, right, haha, stuff and that puts pressure on me because there's an awkward silence as well as trying to end the awkward silence.

I mean who the fuck wants to keep seeing someone if they feel like they have to write a script before they see them each time.

What I also don't get is there's been times where some of these girls ask me to text them and they still don't have anything to add to the conversation. It makes me feel unsure if the girls shy, a bad conversationalist, or just not interested.

If a girl is like this, how do I approach her about it without being offensive?


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  • Well most of those girls are usually on there because they can't get dates outside of the internet so it could probably be because they have a crappy personality, inexperienced, or "Testing you" to chase them

    • That's the thing about being tested to chase them. It's hard to get to know them when they don't open up about themselves and are so quiet, all you can ask is generic questions. Gets boring after awhile.

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    • Yeah and luckily there's other girls I'm talking to/seeing that aren't like this. Just thought I'd ask because it has happened a few times.

    • It's normal on dating sites it's best not to spend anymore time on them