Is it true that the quality of men and women is down in our modern society and why do you agree or disagree?

I hear girls and guys complain about how there are no good women left or no good guys. Are those people just morons or do they actually have a point.


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  • yes its true.


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  • The changes of the last 50 years in the situation between men and women seem to have been only good for a small minority. The most attractive men now have more to choose and an easier time choosing than ever before. The most successful and attractive women are better off financially and no worse off romantically. Everyone else is worse off, that's the great majority of people.

    It has mainly been a great time to be an attractive man.

    • But go to a mall or a baseball game. I see ugly dudes dating girls all the time. I see attractive guya with really hot girls but thats how life works. Most hot guys and girls date each other. Every now and then a ugly guy is with a cute girl. I saw this tall black dude with a nasty scar on his neck going out with a cute blonde girl. If he can land that, you me and everyone else can too.

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  • They're just finding and wasting their time on the wrong people. There always have been and always will be shotty people, awesome people, and some in between.


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