What should I do with my life until I get plastic surgery?

So I'm unattractive no doubt about it. I have good vibes and push myself out there but its just more and more obvious as I get older that people don't hold any value to unattractive people. I have an overbite and a very large nose. This causes inflammation in my skin and an asymetrical face.

I'm going to be wearing braces for a year and a half in order to fix my jaw then undergo corrective jaw surgery then braces for another year after. I'm going to get rhinoplasty done at the same time the jaw surgery will be done. I'm really really excited to be able to live a normal life and just have a lazy day where I can put anything on. Really excited to have a social life and have women in my life. Just once in my life I want to be valued. I'm truley excited. I think 22 is still a young age. I. ll be like 23.5 once I get this done.

The thing is I have to wait 1.5 years for this to happen. What should I do with my life till then? Should I just sort of isolate myelf and focus on school? Should I try and be as social as I can? I'm going to be even more unattractive wearing braces.


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  • You have to find happiness within - happiness is built on experience - you don't have to have a good reputation to have good experiences in life. Go listen to some music and dance in your room. Think of John Lennon's second wife - she was horribly ugly but she stayed married to him for 11 years until the time of his death.

  • You seem so set on doing it. Try meeting new people, be more social... maybe it'll change how you see yourself.


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