Car lovers, or car repair person, what does this symbol mean?

Car lovers, or car repair person, what does this symbol mean?
This symbol, what does it mean on my 2001 Saturn L100 sudan?


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  • It's low level coolant level warning light

    • This man is correct and that means add some more coolent or antifreeze depending on where you live and the season before your engine overheats.

    • Your reservoir is probably at minimum and going up hill would make it look even lower until you level out, just add more coolant to the overflow tank only as soon as you can, any warning lights in red always means to take care of right away

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  • Hard to tell. That bottom wavey part might mean you are low on coolant. If so that's extremely important! Get the coolant level back up where it's supposed to be before you drive it any more. You could be overheating your engine

    • I thought it was a warning for driving up a mountain because it came on when i was on a mountain XD

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    • No im at home now how much is coolant? Oh i forgor u probably dont live in america

    • No worries, I do. And it depends. There's a few different kinds. As long as you get whatever color is in your car, it's the right kind. Probably green or orange. But don't mix them! Anyways, it's much cheaper than a new motor. Which, the longer you drive low on coolant, the closer you are to having to buy one. You buy it in a gallon jug. Then mix it half and half with water. So buying one gallon gets you two usable gallons of coolant. That should be plenty

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