Don't you think ancient polytheistic religions had better art?

I'm no mangina or anything, but I think a male god is played out. A goddess seems more interesting. The ancient Greeks had all sorts of gods and goddesses, and that was cool because you could worship some sexy statue of a goddess (or god, if you prefer). What do we have today? Some bloody guy on a cross? Disgusting. What else? Mostly just a bunch of boring, abstract symbols. Some religions will even mark you for death if you draw a stick figure of their prophet. Even the current religions, the last time they had nice looking art was hundreds of years ago, and that was mostly dull fuddy duddys looking high. The sort of things you see today in cathedrals.

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  • I study Classics so I actually study ancient Greek and ancient Roman culture, including literature, politics and religion, so I know a little about polytheistic religions and I think that they're great. It's a lot more security, I think, to know that there's one god with a specialty for what you need help with, rather than just trusting everything to one god. You have to be careful though, unless you're some kind of priest, if you don't pay a tribute to the main gods, they will not be at all happy with you, as some of the Greeks found out :P


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  • Christian art features monks plucking knobs off a dick-tree, jousing rabits, mongease errupting from inside crocodiles, women errupting from inside dragons, snail sex, the maw of hell, witches kissing satan's ass, backflipping dogs, men with a single giant foot who lay on their back and use the foot as a sun umbrella, ox like creatures who deffend themselves with a flaming shit-cannon, beavers throwing their testicles at people, all manner of weird and twisted deamonic beasts, and no end of dragons.

    Get an education and stop judging western religion when it's going through a grey period. It'll get more colourful again in time.

    • By that logic, christian fundamentalists are party animals. I'm talking about official modern context, not some obscure art.

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    • Sistine Chapel? That sort of art is exactly the dull stuff I was talking about. Everybody looks the same.

    • Really? okay.. how about Hieronymus Bosch, most of his work is desidedly religious.

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  • No, You foolish heathen!


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