Help I have an associate in arts degree and I can not find a job. I owe loans from junior college. I want to go to a university what can I do?

I have an associate in arts degree from community college. I wanted to transfer to a university but the financial aid package they gave me would require me to take out a lot of loans and I can not afford to take out any more loans. I'm am fault so I have to work. I want to become a teacher but I already have loans from my 2 year community college I went to. I don't want to be in more debt. I'm an adult I live with my mom and I don't have a car I'm looking for work and my parents can not help pay for college if I go back


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  • Sigh, have you considered a career in the STEM field?
    It pays more and it's easier to find a job.

    • I don't have stem money

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    • It's a basic degree it's not literally an art degree. It's a 2 year college that offered an associate degree. It's the equivalent of the first 2 years in a university

    • Try applying for scholarships maybe you qualify for something especially if you're not White than you can probably get something. A lot of them tend to be essay based.

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  • You're just going to have to make do with your associates until you pay down your loans. You can get a decent office job I'm sure.


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  • well, by so far, what have you learn? i don't understand, if your family couldn't give you enough financial supporting, why did you choose art in the first place?

    • I did not choose art the degree is a 2 years degree used to transfer to a university

    • My parents did not pay for my associate degree. It's not art literally it's the basics. It's the equivalent of the first 2 years of school at a university

    • do you have experience with 3D artwork or digital painting? i mean have you picked up something else beside the regular curriculum?

  • Be a freelance graphic artist.


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