If you could create a guy or a girl, what would their name (s) be, what would they be like, and what things would they be into?

Her name would be Elicia.

She would be around 20-22 years old, with a height of 5'9, a white/latina mix, dark hair, with an hourglass figure.

She is very open minded, always likes to learn new things, is caring, can be a big flirt, full of wit, and is able to stick up for those she cares about.

She's into things like games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, comics, music, anime and manga, literature, and art. She also likes being active, from things like working out, dancing, playing sports, to outdoor activities like kayaking, rafting, hiking, and biking. She also likes other things like fashion, animals, tasty food, camping, smoking weed, travelling across the world, going to the beach, wrestling, MMA, modelling, cosplaying, and strong, manly men (especially ones with nice six pack abs).


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  • There's a lot of this that I have no preference for! I'm also bi, so I'll do a guy and a girl but only one personality because that'll be cool in either a guy or a girl.

    GUY: I have no preference about his name, as long as it's not super pretentious. He'd be about 19 - 22 years old, around 5'9, race isn't an issue and I don't care, dark hair that's at least to his chin and dark brown eyes, lean with no muscle because that's really not my thing.

    GIRL: Again, no preference for name. She'd be about 19 - 22, as long as she's bigger than me it's cool so at least 5'3 but preferably about 5'5 - 5'6, no worries about race again, dark hair would be nice also it being kinda wavy would be good. Preferably shoulder length, or just a little above. Pear shape or hour glass, and her being pretty thick would be good.

    PERSONALITY: They're pretty calm and chilled out, but are good at making decisions when they need to be, to counter act the fact that I can't make a choice to save my life sometimes. Making me laugh would be good. Kindness is a necessity, they have to be kind, at least to me, kids and animals. Isn't afraid of PDA (to an acceptable limit, hand holding, hugging and quick kisses are fine) and is totally cool with saying that they love me outside of when I ask or just after sex. Someone stubborn and confident would be really great.

    They should enjoy games, movies, TV shows, anime would be nice. Books are a must, we need to be able to talk about pop culture, and it'd be great if they liked theatre too. They have to like at least one kind of animal because I definitely want pets.


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  • His name would be Stephan, he would be 6'5" and look just like the soap opera actor James Scott. he would be dominant, serious, wealthy, mysterious, shows only me his soft side and only has eyes for me. I'm a mess, I know! Lol.

    • by the way, he would be 35. :)

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  • Believe it or not I'm indifferent to people. No desire for a relationship but I do enjoy human body structure.

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