Why does this guy get jealous when I text other guys?

I was texting this guy I work with and I think This guy that sits next to me in my health class saw me because I'm pretty sure I saw him glancing at my phone. a few days later I heard him telling his friend in class about how he kissed another girl and how hot the girl was and I could feel him looking at me So I think he's jealous.

he never talks to me but he flirts with other girls. He looks at me a lot in class though like it's been a few months. And he's the loudest guy in my class so I don't know what his deal is.

  • He likes you & wants to see if you get jealous
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  • He likes you. He's jealous but he just said that for no reason
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  • He doesn't like you but wants to see if you get jealous
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  • He doesn't like you and he said it for no reason
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  • I don't think he was trying to make you jealous because you guys aren't even dating or friends at this point but maybe he wanted to impress you or prove to himself or others that he is good enough for you out of some insecurity or fear that he has and just because a guy is loud does not mean he is confident. There are plenty of loud people in this world who have no confidence whatsoever.

  • he likes you.

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