How to clean the liner of a helmet?

This is probably a weird question but oh well.
So I ride horses. I wear my helmet every time I ride. This helmet: (Charles Owen AYR8)
How to clean the liner of a helmet?
I ride competitvely so I'm riding very often. I sweat a whole lot and when I take my helmet off the liner that rests against my forehead is very sweaty, so I spray some deodorizer on it and let it air dry. I don't always have time to remove my makeup when I ride so there is some makeup residue on it, and I'm sure it's not good to have all that bacteria rubbing against my skin for hours. I mostly get acne on my forehead, and I'm sure thats why.
My question is, how can I clean it every day? Is there some cleaner that will get rid of the sweat, makeup, bacteria etc. that I can clean it with every day? Would alcohol work? I used it a while ago and it got rid of the makeup and stuff, but I'm not sure if that's good to use on my helmet pretty much every day. I want to get rid of my forehead acne, and I know cleaning it every day will help. Please give me suggestions! The liner is not removable.


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  • use rubbing alcohol.


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