Why don't you see other races adopt white children?

I may have only seen one family who adopted a white kid, they were black too.
I don't think I have ever seen or heard of an Asian, latino, black family adopt a white child.
Anything outside of their own race.

Whereas I see white families adopt Asian children, black children, latino children, etc.


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  • You sound ignorant. There are plenty of families who do. Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    I've only seen deadbeat losers who don't take care of their children. Should I assume that there are no good fathers?

    • I never said it didn't happen 0.0
      It's true though.

    • Why does it matter that you or other people don't see it? It doesn't. What matters is that those kids are getting good homes---ALL of them. Not what race is being adopted.

      Many reasons could be involved in why people don't pick a particular kid and it would take a while to sift through them.

    • What?
      It does matter.
      If white families are the people who are adopting the most, especially interracially then for some reason there is a huge imbalance.
      Racism is a huge deal, so other races should adopt a child equally the same as a white family would and at the same/close rate.
      For some reason it isn't close.
      So it does matter.

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  • Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it does not happen, perhaps it's just the area where you live.

    • suburban area right outside a major city. Never seen it the other way.
      I remember reading a story on Yahoo and they made a big deal over a black family adopting a white child.

    • Yahoo is widely recognised as being full of shit to be fair; the equivalent of believing pretty much anything the Fox news network states lol

      But yeah, back on topic.
      what you see is most likely based on your surroundings more than anything else, example: if you live in an area with majority white folk... simple logic would indicate more white kids up for adoption and so on.

    • I live in a mixed area. Lots of Asians, blacks, and whites. Not many latinos.

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  • I think it's a bit of a stereo type. I guess to them blacks don't need as much help and support as whites do. Very good observation :)

    • you mean getting pregnant? I don't get your second sentence.

    • No, not that. If you live in America, you see a lot of commercials of blacks being in need for food, clothes, clean drinking water... but you never see commercials about whites needing that kind of assistance.

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