Is it just me, or is a day old pizza taste better?

In my defense, I do like things crunchy. Like bacon, bread, chicken... etc. I wanna know if other people think it too.

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  • I love cold pizza especially.

    • OMG me too!!! haha my family thinks i like it cause i am lazy to put it in the toaster oven, but i actually enjoy the taste (and i am lazy and hungry)

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  • My thoughts on pizza...
    Fancy Restaurant Pizza > Fresh Papa Johns Pizza + Ranch > Fresh Papa Johns Pizza > 1 day old papa johns > Homemade Pizza > 5 day old Papa Johns pizza > Pepperoni pizza hot pocket > Frozen pizza > 2 week old Papa Johns pizza (which is usually really stale and awful)

    That is my hierarchy of what pizza is the best haha. All pizza tastes much better with ranch dressing, but I think I'm just weird like that. I like crunchy things too, but fresh pizza usually is better than day old pizza in my opinion.

  • do you reheat it in the toaster oven? i get that
    also, do you eat cold pizza? i do, i like it better than hot pizza sometimes

    • Well, I usually reheat it in the microwave for a few seconds, just to warm it up a bit but not make it too hot.

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    • Oh I never trust people that say they add "love" or "special ingredient" to my food lol... And I disagree, I think my dad makes the best food ever. He's an Arab and HE makes the best food :)

    • Haha!!! yes i will agree that a lot of arab people are good cooks... but my aunt... she's the real deal!
      LOL!!! she never says she adds love, but i do think she hads some sort of drug or chemical that releases dopamine in the brain

  • some food just tasted better the day after fact maybe because it has time in the fridge for the flavors to mend together better

  • It depends on where you get it from.

  • Nah it's just you. Pizza freshly made is the best by far.


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