What song (s) do you know that transcend genre?

What song can you show anyone and it's almost guaranteed they will like it?

people will say "I hate rap and country" but do you know any rap or country songs that anyone could love? Or a dance/dub step song that anyone could get into?
No popular songs like bohemian rhapsody or stuff like that that everyone already knows, I'm talking about songs you've stumbled upon that no one could complain about.

An example I have is Boss Mode by Knife Party, everyone I've shown has really liked it even if they don't listen to edm

Explain in why in your comments if you like :)


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  • For me, any medium of art doesn't have a one size fits all. Popular art is usually that cause its enjoyed by a large majority. My little sister loves my taste in music but my older sister hates it cause she is all about pop and a fast tempo for example. But hell, I'll play along. Note: I'm awful at identifying genres

    Modern Orchestra Genre (or whatever you wanna call it) - Iron by Woodkid
    Acoustic - Cherry Wine by Hozier
    Alternative Rock - Pretty much anything by Young the Giant (Strings - Reprise; Every Little Thing; Cough Syrup; 12 Fingers; Pretty much everything - awesome tempo for doing homework/papers)
    Metal-ish - Friction by Imagine Dragons
    Soft Rock (I guess) - mostly any song that Elevator Music decides to open its mouth in (yeap, that's the band name lol)
    Punk Rock (but not really?) - First by Cold War Kids
    Pop (maybe) - Recover by CHVRCHES


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  • i dont think there is just one for all.

    • You've never heard a song and thought "even ____ would love this and they usually hate this music"
      Nothing comes to mind?

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  • A few that occur to me:

    Madonna - La Isla Bonita
    Chubby Checker - The Twist
    Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places
    Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music

    All of these songs appeal to lots of people who don't normally enjoy the genre that these songs are normally associated with - they have multi-genre and multi-generational crossover appeal.

  • I found Boss Mode unbearable to listen to and pretty bad even for the genre


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  • Bingo players-rattle
    Whitney Houston- I will always love you
    Hop on that horse