Do you agree or disagree that these are obvious truths that are rarely acknowledge? What do you think?

1. How you look, MATTERS

2. The world only cares about what it can get from you

3. Being a Nice Guy Won't Get You Anything

4. Everything Inside You Will Fight Improvement

5. Life is Not Fair

6. Having it all - Money, Fame, Success - Will Not Make You Happy

7. No One is Responsible for your Happiness other than You

8. There is No Such Thing as Soulmate

9. Everyone Wears a Mask

10. Everyone Will Judge You

I got this list from someone else, but I agree.


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. It does in some situations, but how you carry yourself is the most important I think.
    2. Pretty much, but not always. You need to be positive, but still watch out.
    3. Being TOO nice in general makes things harder, because most people will take advantage of you, knowingly or not. You need to have a line, where you stop doing nice things for people who don't deserve it. However, "nice guys" usually aren't that or just that... there are other factors why women don't want them.
    4. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. I guess it's the hardest when your heart is in conflict with your brain.
    5. I think it's important to know pretty much nothing in life is just black or just white... there's a lot of grey. Good things happen to good and bad people, bad things happen to good and bad people. So what is fair, really? What are we entitled to?
    6. True... having good people in life who love you is the most important thing. And that you do what makes you happy and you keep yourself grounded and just give the world the best version of yourself and just be proud of it.
    7. True... others just contribute.
    8. This is a hard one... because what is a soulmate really? I think everyone has multiple "soulmates". That is... people they could spend the rest of their lives with. Be it partner or friend... a person who just gets you and you get them and you're there for each other.
    9. True... I think no one is completely honest or at least not with everyone. Sometimes the mask is necessary to not get hurt... a coping mechanism.
    10. Most of people will judge you... we sometimes can't help it. I personally try not to.


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Only to how people react to you
    2. Society (which is what you seem to mean by "world" is an abstraction, it can not care about anything. Most but not all individual people are primarily concerned with what use you can be to them.
    3. Depends what you want. It can get you self-respect for example.
    4. Nonsense
    5. Fairness is subjective and imaginary, it's whatever you decide it is.
    6. Nothing can "make" you have a particular mental state except maybe drugs.
    7. That makes no sense. Saying you are responsible for the mental state you are in is a tautology. It's like saying you are you.
    8. There is no such thing as a soul, personalities are more or less compatible. They can be very close and both desire to become closer. It's rare but it certainly can happen.
    9. There is no 'real single you' which can be defined. There is nothing for the mask to cover so mask is an inappropriate analogy. It would be more correct to say viewed from different angles everyone has different aspects.
    10. Of course, everyone makes judgements all the time. You couldn't put one foot in front of the other if you didn't.


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What Girls Said 4

  • AGREE! yey! haha! except for some with 50/50 reasons

    1. Looks is the start of everything consciously or not.
    2. There will always be people who would think this way no matter how hard one tries and the end will be the ultimate goal.
    3. Being a nice guy won't get you anything. not exactly but i get your point. It may get you nowhere and feel like being taken advantage but at the end of the day that's who you really are. Not bec they are of diff values, your good values should change.
    4. Definitely! improve oneself and change for the better!
    5. Life will never be fair no matter how hard one try. We don;t always get what we expect to receive. So just live it to the fullest!
    6. Material things will make you happy but not forever. There will always be problems along the way but with a person with good heart would make people love you back and be happier!
    7. Yes! If you decide to be happy and take the problem optimistically, then you are happy. No one is responsible for your happiness other than you.
    8. At one point in time I believe this, hoping for the best. Actually, everybody has ups and downs in personality so no one is perfect but they say opposite personalities balance each other and thus becomes happy together!
    9. Masks. Not everyone wears mask, there are people who are genuine and trustworthy but everyone get to judge people so that person characters changes in another person's mind. Thus, the true face of the person is obscured by the person he/she is with.
    10. Indeed. Some may do it unconsciously but everyone judges others one way or another.

  • 2. I won't say the world, but rather your friends, the people surrounding you. That's why you gotta find the friends that truly cares about you - I know I have found mine.

    3. Everyone is fighting a battle which you don't know, being kind to them is the best thing you can do.

    5. Life is always not fair, it's what you make out of life. Life will never be fair.

    6. Happiness is the little things in life that money can't buy.

    7. Of course. No one can ruin your day without your permission.

    9. Definitely. People are afraid of getting hurt, some will hurt people to prevent being hurt. It's tiring always have to wear masks.

    10. Undoubtedly. But it's your life for a reason, screw them.

  • 1. True
    2. Not true
    3. Not true. Why do so. many guys think that? You really think girls don't want a nice person? You really think we're not human and like assholes?
    4. Kinda vague. What do you really mean?
    5. True
    6. True
    7. True, that's why 6 is also true
    8. True, I think there are many people you can get along with and live happily ever after. Not just one person.
    9. Not true
    10. True, it's human behaviour to always make some kind of judgement. It's unavoidable, but the question is if that's really a bad thing.

  • Agree with all but 3 and 9.

    Being nice compared to being an asshole will always come back to you in a good way.
    my grandmother was very simple (to the point of dumb honestly) abd very kind, when she died everyone in the town came, even the mayor. My grandfather was smart but a cocky ass hole, my mother was the only one who took care of him and no one came when he died.

    9... Trust me there are some really simple minded and innocent people out there haha.


What Guys Said 6

  • 1. Yes. You don't go to a job interview in sweatpants. People do judge on site, so make the outside reflect the inside. If you are talking about looks, that is all relative. Can't tell you how many arguments I've heard on whether or not a certainly celebrity is hot or not.
    2. Um... yeah. My community cares about the reservation we clean up. The hospital I worked for cared about the money I was raising it. Only negative people see giving as just the other party taking.
    3. Wrong. I know you are talking about this in the sense of dating. I have been nice to girls and I never had problems getting a few under the sheets. Nice guys don't finish last, the ones that beat around the bush and stick their head in the sand do.
    4. Nupe. I taught myself rock climbing, guitar, parkour, and piano. I sucked balls at all of them when I started, and now I compete in tournaments and play live. Lazy and unmotivated people fight improvement.
    5. Life is fair, but its not easy. See #4 for why people think its unfair.
    6. I agree with this. I live near a bad town full of homeless people, and they enjoy some company more than any paper bag of food you can give them.
    7. I agree with this
    8. There is no such thing as "the one" but there are "Ones" - plural. Many people fit what can make you happy in different ways. This builds off #6, the people you interact with is what makes you happy.
    9. Only the people who can't live by #7
    10. True, but I feel like you put that because you are implying that to be judged is a negative thing. If I judged, or made the opinion, that you made a good question, that's good. If I judged that you are a good person, or that you're someone that means someone to me, that's a good thing.

    Great list by the way

  • I agree with most of those, looks matter, but only to an extent. Being a nice guy won't get you anything immediatley, however I find that people will gravitate to you as time goes on if you are a nice guy, of course nice guy is diffrent then push over. I don't think everyone wears a mask, the vast majority do, I do not. Mainley because of the everyone will judge you reason, so it really doesn't matter if you wear a mask or not the outcome is the same but being honest is so much easier.

  • 1 true
    2 partially true
    3 false
    4 false
    5 false
    6 true
    7 true
    8 false
    9 false
    10 partially true

  • Agree with 2, 5 and 6.
    Disagree with the rest because:
    1. Everyone is attractive to someone, so no.
    3. Simply not factually true.
    4. Not everything.
    7. Many people have done and currently do things to make you less happy.
    8. Just because you don't find it, it doesn't mean others can't.
    9. Some people are truthful. If you aren't, you should be.
    10. No. Your friends won't.
    I do believe 2 and 5 will change. This is too pessimistic how to be actually correct.

  • I only disagree with 3 and 6. Everything else is trill

  • 6 isn't true.