What's so good about Good Will Hunting?

I personally find it to be one of the most boring movie all the time, the story is completely uninteresting and I am surprised how good the reception the film got.

So, what am I missing here?


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  • a lot... maybe the empathy side is something you dont get? I can relate to their pain so i love the film... i think that is why it is so good...

    • What pain?

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    • he didn't have a bad attitude... he was let down by everyone and anyone and so didn't hope to aspire in life... Skylar (I think her name is) is someone who can let him down so he sends her packing... all because he was abused as a child and felt he deserved no better and that he brought his life and everything that happened upon himself. He bonds with Sean and finds he has been through the same thing... he eventually lets go of the past and realises he can start a future as he has gained trust so in the end follows Skylar for a new life...

    • there is also the obvious 'dont judge a book by its cover' thing, but its mainly about a lack of trust in those around you and being too scared to trust to move forward.

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  • It was a fantastic movie, albeit light on the explosions. I love character driven films.


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  • As a fan of the film, I'm happy to weigh in.

    Basically yes, you're right. Not much happens in the film and it's quite a simple, predictable story arc. But the brilliance is in the subtleties.

    The main conflict isn't between a hero and villain, but is rather an internal struggle. The main character is established as both an extreme, rare talent while also being relate-able due to dealing with common issues (family problems, lack of direction, friends holding him back). It asks some tough questions with no easy answers (simple maybe, but not easy).

    Most of the characters in the story are likewise complicated. No good or bad people, everyone has individual motives and flaws. This many dynamic characters makes for a complicated, turbulent progression of events. Put that together with a talented cast giving solid, believable performances and you get a much appreciated cerebral film/ It balances dark, frustrating conflicts with just enough comic relief to be palatable by a wide audience.

    I think you need to be in the right mood to really get into it.

    • I watched two times already and it's like the most mediocre story I've ever seen.

    • fair enough, it's not for everyone. I never really got into Titanic, and that was huge deal when I was growing up.

  • Great acting... wonderful story about brain power and underestimating it...

    • Okay start by explaining why it's a greater acting than any other regular films and what's so wonderful about the story

    • If you don't like it, no amount of explaining with make you like it. You just like what you like...

    • Well probably I missed something