What's your favorite option? Can your choose one for me?

I'm writing a story about this guy who cheated on his fiancé but has changed and wants her back. She's just days away from marring her new fiancé, when her best friend, a Witch, finds out about the ex and puts a spell on him to try and stop him from approaching her friend at a outdoor pre wedding celebration. He shrinks really small and I thought of four obstacles for him to endure. Think of your ex in these situations, which of these would u like to see of the tiny ex, and add anything. Which would be funniest?

- his ex notices him, but thinks he's a bug and steps on him.

- near the bushes he gets eaten by a big frog.

- he gets to his ex, but she inadvertently knocks him into a glass, gives it to her fiancé who drinks and swallows him.

- with his ex insight, he gets discovered and captured by a boy or girl who wants to keep him forever.

Thanks ;) lol


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  • Last option given...


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  • The last one because just shrinking for the sake of dying makes the entire thing null and pointless.


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