Do I owe this girl an apology? Would you girls maybe not like me anymore (i have a crush on her)?

Last night me and this girl and some friends went to go hangout. My car is black and where i parked it was dark. I think this girl parked behind me or something like that (i was not there when the following incident occured). So apprently somehow she hit my car backing up or somehting along those lines. SHe left early and then i got a text from her saying she hit my car. I went outside and when i saw her she was crying and said how sorry she was. I got mad and i called her a dumb bitch and that she should never drive again and i don't want to see her again. I guess i made things worse cauise she was crying even more.

I went today to see how much it would cost to re-paint and it wasn't that bad actually. i'am more calm today but still a bit mad. Do you think my words were hurtfull and that i owe her an apology. She gave me $90 that night and said that's all she had in her purse. i do feel a bit bad, what is your opinion?


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  • Yahh... It would be great if you apologise.. At least she didn't 'run away' after she hit your car... and even apologise and give you cash that night for the damage. It does take a lot of guts for her to text you in the first place.

    • we have known each other for almost 2 years and i'am really wanting to ask her out cause i think it's time. I have a huge crush on her but what append last night, i can say i acted bad and should not have called her those name. I apologize to her today and was wondering if i should take her out to dinner? I tried calling her but she did not pick up :(

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    • Woooww! Congrats! I can sense the green light from her :) You shouldn't have told her that you had a surprise for her :( , just tell her that you want to visit her and show up with the flowers. But anyways... go ahead with you plan. There is no '100%' sure thing that it will do the trick but I think it will make her feel better.

    • yeah i shouldn't have told her "i have a surprise for you ", i messed up yet again :(

      Well i will spend some time with her and just show her that i care for her.

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  • Yes, you owe her a fucking apology! She was already crying and felt bad. There was NO reason to call her a dumb bitch. People have accidents sometimes, Jesus Christ. If I was her, I would definitely not ever consider dating you, because your reaction that night was a pretty good indicator that you lack the ability to control your anger, which is a huge red flag for a lot of women. I'd feel like if we dated, every little mistake I made would cause you to fly off the handle and call me a dumb bitch.

    • They weren't on a date, but yeah he took it too far.

    • well i care a lot about my car and i will admit i did get out of hand. I'am not an angery person but when i shined the light on it from my phone it looked bad, but when i took it in today for a quote, it wasn't that bad. Once again i don't get mad from the little things. For example m, y car is low and when i let her drive it she scappred the front but i did not get mad about it.

      I will aplogize to her asap and i was wondering if i should take her out to dinner cause i did get a bit overly mad and she was crying which made things worse cause she knows how much i like my car basically. I will apologize to her but is the dinner thing bad or good? Do you think she would accept.

      (if i can ask without you getting mad... would you accept?)

  • Yeah, I'd be pissed if someone hit me car but I wouldn't go as far as calling them names. especially if the person is crying. But yeah, apologise to her and just explain that you were really pissed. I'm sure she'll understand even though she's most likely thinking your an asshole right now. God luck.

    • dang, she thinks i'am an asshole? :( well i will apologize cause i did go a bit over the limit

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    • Yeah sure, take her to a place she likes.

    • ok, i know of a place that is her favorite so i will take her there. i hope she will accept, i feel a bit bad now :/

  • U can apologize
    This thing can happen because of u also in future
    So chill it shez paying for it then why a fuss?

    • I will apologize to her and take her out to dinner. I'am not an angry person. I tried to call her but she did not answer :( I over reacted a bit

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    • Ya and if she is pissed u gotta take her behavior
      Don't take it in ur ego
      U want that girl so u have to deal wid something's till u don't get her

    • i guess she is. well i will show up to her house and give her the followers. Other than that I don't know how she will react.

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  • You were mad about your car which is understandable but you went a little overboard especially since it was a friend at that. She text you immediately own up to you and gave deposit basically (you can show her the reciept from the shop and have her pay the rest to avoid her having to get insurance involved.). So I think you should apologize for the overreaction.

    • i won't get any insurance involved, i'am not like that. it's not that much to have it repainted i thouht it would be, but it's not. She did offer to pay the full amount too. yeahh i do owe her an apology now that i think of it

  • You drive a black car and it was dark outside, so of course it would be hard to see your car. Then even after profusely apologizing and giving you all the money she had on her, you still call her "a dumb bitch who should never drive again" and you tell her that you never want to see her again.

    Do you really need to ask? 😒

    • i guess i did take it too far, i will apologize to her asap for saying those words

    • Good man

    • yeha i went a bit off on her and felt bad :( cause i never seen her before and i my words made things worse.

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