For a 21 year old guy. Is it better if he looks older or younger than his age in your opinion?

I’ve noticed here many guys (and some gals, but guys mostly) who r around this age complain about lookin younger than their age (is it really bad to look younger?) ... and as a result they wanna grow beards and stuff like dat.

21, is minimum legal age for drinkin in America…so if u wanna drink u can simply flash yer ID and everything’s ok. So who cares even if u look like 15? U can still get a drink. Otherwise I don’t see y someone wantin to look older.

  • it's better to look older for a 21 yo guy
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  • it's better to look younger for a 21 yo guy
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  • I'd much rather look younger, y'all. I love getting carded.

    • yeah it's a form of compliment actually...

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What Girls Said 4

  • Looking younger is better

  • I would think it is best if he looks his age. Youth is the message of health. But one should look sufficiently mature. 21 is the perfect balance. Now we are only getting older.

  • It's better if he looks his age.

  • Its totally cool to look older. It shows maturity

    • i'd say it means u don't take care of yerself mostly. if u take care u look younger i believe.

      recently i've been told i look 16-17 coz i'm thin and i do take care of my looks... but when i was 16 many people told i look 20-21 coz i was fat and didn't take care of my looks

What Guys Said 2

  • You hit nail on the head looking old enough to go into clubs or drink - Up to 21 you worry about looking at least 21 , Over 21 you try to push back to as near 21 as you can.

    • but still ID cards xist... so if u r 25 and u look 18,... if u have an ID card guess it's ok

    • It might be a hangover from my day - ID cards well in Ireland and UK are a recent thing - When I was a teen you chanced your arm from about 15 on, you knew the pubs that served young.

  • Better to look older, I'm 21, I'm told I look older and I like it.

    • i remember when u asked such a question... and i told u dat u look late 20s here in this pic... but i'm surprised u like it o_O

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    • Really? When i was 16 people thought i was early 20s... and now i'm usually told i look 18-20.. and a gal recently told me i look 16 LOL... older i get... younger i look :p

    • My mother tells me the very same story. When she was young people told her she was older and as she got older people told her she was younger. Today it's quite obvious for everyone that she looks younger. Well, perhaps the same thing will happen to me too.

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