Creepy shit I heard today has anyone else heard kids singing this?

Okay I am done with utah after this if kids aren't singing this anywhere else I am moving utah is creepy anyways, anyway these kids where singing this while I was jogging today around the local elementary school I guess they came out to play around for a bit or something but It really tripped me out since there is a damn hill by the school

"shadow man shadow man I wonder where you stand you sit atop the hill you watch us with that smile of yours oooh if mama could see it shadow man shadow man you are one to be feard but as you smile wide with your teeth so sharp it scares us yes it does doesn't it "yes yes it does" shadow man shadow man I wonder why you sit so still watching us atop that hill"

when I heard the first "shadow man" that was when I quickly pulled out my phone and started texting the lyrics to my friend adding in "wtf did they put in their juice" these kids just really tripped me out they were insync with their lyrics I dont know if they where doing it as a joke but the oldest could not be more then 13, 14 tops
is this song going around anywhere else?


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  • If you believe in that... a friend of mine encountered a 'shadow man' before and it meant no harm

    • It was so creepy though I felt sick to my stomach. Kids trip me out too much calling on some creepy stuff

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    • Hunted style

    • haunted*

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  • Kids sing that stuff cause they see too much on TV and there was 2 girls age 11 and 12
    tried killing their friend all over that shadow man so i know what you mean ,,

    • Someone needs to scare them shitless :(

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    • It's something in their juice T~T kids are too scary nowadays

    • Yes i heard that they drink colored drinks that have red, orange etc that will do it

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