What makes a person think about someone after a long period of time? Any reason for it?

I know I've mentioned him on here like a gazillon times lol but that guy at the grocery store that I saw many years ago and left a note for at the store, three years ago. He's been on my mind lately and I don't know why. I suppose maybe it's because it was a good memory for me, though I never talk to him I was very drawn to him instantly and I've never felt that way before. Plus, there's all the things people tell you only happen in movies. Like, just staring at each other intensly from across the room but it feeling like no one else was around but you two or you looking at them but then all of the sudden they look at you too like they knew you were looking at them, just stuff like that. I experience that with him, that's part of why I wrote the note because it felt right and I wanted to get to know him to see what could happen but he never responded to it, which I completely understand.

Anyway, why after all this time would he be on my mind now? Any thoughts?


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  • Well, it happens because something about him turn the charm with you
    i know i bet i had many chances and blew it all because i was too shy or fear
    of being rejected , This does happen and we ask our self maybe if we took
    the initiative to come out talk to the person maybe we would of made some
    type of love connection by now,. We don't know nothing unless we take that
    chance i know from past experience just recently this girl came up to me at
    the store and i got that fear of rejection what did i do walk away from her
    and went to the other side of the store so yes it does happen,,

    • Maybe if you wouldn't left that note and made face to face contact maybe things with that guy could been different

    • Just like me at the store with that girl who wanted to talk to me and I walked away from her

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