Did anyone else ever go into the Pilots cabin in airplanes when they were little when you still could?

I saw the film Airplane where they had the kid go talk to the pilot while flying and I thought back to the time I once did it when I was like 5. Then I realized no kids can do that anymore and felt like a sad panda. It was fun and it sucks that little kids now can't see the inside of the cabin. Who here has ever been in a pilots cabin before of a commericial airliner

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  • I never did.


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  • "Jimmy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

    • "Do you want me to check the weather Clarence?"

      "No why don't you take care of it."

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  • Yeah.. My parents told me that when i was a little shit I get into the cockpit every flight (we use to fly back and forth).. Same, now I'm actually aware of the cockpit of the plane they banned it...