The ED. challenge, a biriliant way to strengthen your dreaming. Accept or decline challenge?

How does it work? Look up YouTube videos of true scary/horror stories. Look into evil & disturbing images. Do this right before you go to bed (there can be NO lights besides the screen of the divice you're watching from. 1 video or multiple U choose (the more the better)

What's the point? It will train your mind to be stronger against bad thoughts & scenarios while you sleep. If you have a bad dream prior to first trying it, don't give up. If you have a happy or an epically existing dream (action, fighting) then you got a strong mind. But keep it going if you do so you don't lose it. It's like exercising.

(I did this last night prior to this post & it worked! Had a dream that I met kids that I was friends with & I was running past where they played (they noticed & said huy & waved) in the same dream a Star Wars dream too. It was a battle on hoth against the at ats (YouTubers I recommend for this: dr horror, & mr nightmare 😄) IT REALLY WORKS

(don't bother accepting if you're not gonna even try once)

  • I accept your challenge! (brave enough!)
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  • Don't want to take the risk (to scared)
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Make sure to let me know how it went/how it's going : D


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