If a guy lets you take out your anger on him, without showing annoyance?

Does he like you?

Sometimes I feel like he's my own. Will never betray me, or talk shit about me, or do what people do.

And other times... I feel confused.


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  • Yes he does like you or he wouldn't care. In what way he likes you is the variable

    • But he seemed to have a lack of expressions when I was doing it.

      That could be interpreted as indifference. But it was interesting that he didn't look annoyed.

    • He wasn't indifferent he was letting you vent. I would've been stoic too. It's how he acts or what he did after the rant is what matters

    • He was being nice after. I think he knows I'm lonely.

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  • he likes you.


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  • It means he's the boss and you can't make him upset. That's all it means.

    Take your anger out on me, baby, and I won't show annoyance either because you're like my baby throwing a tantrum needing time out.

    • He wasn't indifferent, he did look affected, just not in the way I thought so.

    • "without showing annoyance"

      Best make your mind up quick about how this played out, love. Either way, you getting mad at him and him not screaming at the top of his lungs at you shows he's in control of the situation and doesn't let your bullshit phase him. Again, that's it; He's a man, so you should expect that kind of handle of emotion.

  • I don't know if he likes you,"but he seems like a nice guy that is trying to help you and "letting you take his anger on him" and you seem like a bitch for doing it <3 #dontbeabitch

  • it may, but i sure hope you don't do this on purpose just to get a reaction from him...


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