Underrated bands/artists?

Just post what band or artist you think is underrated more than one can be posted

For me rival sons and Tesla, rival sons is one of my favorite newer bands and Tesla in my opinion are very underrated


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  • Tourniquet. The most underrated thrash metal band in existence. Too unknown. It's Christian metal, so maybe that's why, but they're creative geniuses unlike 98% of metal artists.

  • Tesla is very good! I really like Royal Blood but I don't think they will be underrated for long they are really good and rather unknown right now though. I have always thought Egypt Central was very underrated, I think Nothing More is somewhat underrated but they are getting more popular, Red is pretty underrated especially since they have five albums now. And Cage the Elephant is somewhat underrated as well.

    • Also they are known but I am surprised the band Chevelle isn't even more well known than they are. Very talented and have been around for a while.