Do you think there are way too many angry basement trolls on here?

I feel like for a while now it has been growning, but lately I just think it is getting to be too much for myself... All the hostilte towards people who have normal dating lives and attacks on the opposite gender for not having interest in them...


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  • Seems like you are right. I try to stay away from those questions but if a troll does mess with me I try to be as sarcastic and witty as possible. :-)


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  • I'm not in th basement.


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  • You must be new here. I had a active account on here 2 years ago. The hostility was why I left in the first place. I had men attacking me for opinions that were not even blunt. I had women calling me slut and men calling me sluts. There were men and I'm pretty sure there are still are who are obsessed with marrying a virgin and will attack any woman on here who they even think might not be a virgin. There are men here in America on this website who blame all American women and say we are all feminist and blame us for their dating woes when in reality they need to make better choices in women and not blame an entire nation on their failed relationships. There are women on Here who act holier than thou yet I'm pretty sure they post anonymous when they ask sex questions but they are most likely hypocrites

    • Actually I have been on here a very long time, but I go on here on and off again. I guess I just feel like it has gotten really bad over the last few days, especially all the anti feminism and how men are unprivileged and women use men for money and services and sex (I swear their is one anon guy on here who keeps posting the same stuff.) I get called out too a lot for being a 'male feminist' which to me is just having my eyes opened to what it means to be a privileged white male... I instantly just get called a beta, or having my dick on a leash to women, it is crazy, you get attacked at home and the you have those outside the West in very women oppressed cultures who just make fun of you all the time...

      I guess I just hang out with such open minded guys and girls IRL that I actually can't believe people think that way so openly...

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    • Good luck with that I truly mean that

    • I think I shall be fine... I hope... I always worry about the guys who want a typical house wife still.

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