I really like this guy but he said we can't be together... How can I get over him?

I met this guy at school a year ago and I started to get a crush on him. And last night he said he loves me... But "we can't be together like I want us."

These are his reasons we can't be together:
1. His family wouldn't approve of him dating a black girl... He's from China.
2. He said he's leaving in 2 years and that's not enough time for us to become a family.
3. By the time he's gone I'll have a husband/boyfriend, and forget about him.

"Whatever the scenario may maybe... I will always like you... And like talking to you... You're very special to me hon."

"Hon I don't want you to feel cheated, can we still be friends?"

He kept hugging and kissing me, trying to make me feel better, he even asked me to yell or call him names... But I couldn't I was too sad. So I left and cried myself to sleep.

He messaged me earlier asking if I was ok? But I'm not... I don't really want to talk to him.

How do I make myself feel better and how can I get over him?


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  • Find someone else who cares about you. Or just focus on you and what you like; feelings fade and I promise you'll get over him.


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  • Get over him by doing other stuff.


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