Why do I always ignore my instincts?

Like I don't know whats wrong w. Me & if i would ever learn but i havevgood instincts & every time i meet a person i get bad vibes & a gut feeling that there no good for me but instead i ignore it & ignore all the signs too. Like when i first meet a person u get a 1st impression i see that there bad company & i still keep them around. & every single time i kept them around they always treated me bad & it always ended in a fight. Like why do i ignore my instincts/gut feelings instead of following me intution. Cuz i always get hurt in the end & im really tired of getting hurt by people. Why do i always ignore my insticts , i hate myself for that ughhh


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  • Maybe you doubt yourself when you get that gut feeling and as a result you end up ignoring your gut feeling. Next time when you get a gut feeling take a second or two to think about it and then listen to your instinct.


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  • you need to learn to trust yourself.