A question for people who were born in 1980 or before?

Wot’s yer opinion about people born within years 1990-1996 and wot’s yer opinion about people born within years 1997-2003? Which among those 2 teams is better in yer opinion?

OK u can answer if u were born in 1981…1982…1983 MAX.

Not any further. Of course u can share yer opinion but I’m lookin for opinions comin from “older” people.

  • 1990-1996 kids r better
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  • 1997-2003 kids r better
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  • I was born in '96 so I didn't vote in the poll. However, I have to say I like the early 90s better in terms of music. You had stuff like Radiohead's "Creep," Nirvana, and my favorite band, The Foo Fighters, debuted in '94. I like a lot of the music that came out of grunge movement with Pearl Jam, SoundGarden (Spoonman is my favorite!), and Alice in Chains.
    On the metal side, there were some great bands like Testament, and modern hard rock as we know it today was starting to breakaway from all the hairbands and such.

    Meanwhile the early 2000s brought alt. rock to be popular... And the dreaded hip hop auto-tuned-pop hybrid stuff that is on the radio today was (I believe) starting to take shape.

    It is difficult for me to speculate on anything else because you just kind of have to live through a lot of it to understand I think.
    But on the whole, I like the early 90s better.

    • yeah i like da first half of 90s music better than da second half as well.. but not grudge :p

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    • That explains why you like 80s pop xD

    • yeah hahha


      ^i like synth-ballads as well... check "Doctor! Doctor!" and "Storm On The Sea" from da album above

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  • what's the big difference between 1996 and 1997 though? makes me feel like a baby being put in the same group with the kids born in 2003. O_o

    • 12 not really a baby tho... Some start smashing at 12

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    • February '96 was when the game was released for the first time

  • 1997 - 2003 all the way! Younger is better ;)
    I think the late 90's are slightly better and the 2000's music is simply amazing.

    • i don't talk about music...

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    • I'm not mad, klaatu51
      It's cool:)

    • :D


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  • So Group A is 19 -25 and Group B is 12 -18. I actually wouldn't make that much of a distinction for me the generations changed in the 1970s - Anybody who was teen or older in the 1980s and lived through the recession and cold war I would regard as my generation - Everything after that I regard as the next generation

  • i miss the 90 times so much... good times.

  • I was born in 1985, can I answer?

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