Guys and Girls, What are your thoughts on Massive Attack?

If you're a fan, tell me what your favorite song/album is! Thanks (:

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Most Helpful Guy

  • you talking about Trip hop band , right? i prefer Portishead, more of nocturnal feeling.

    • Have you listened to Mezzanine? I'm not a huge portishead fan tho. But I think Mezzanine might be the best album ever made besides maybe Kid A/Amnesiac

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    • Yeah teardrop is another one of their great songs. Honestly the only song on that album I don't like is reflection

    • *exchange not reflection I love reflection but it's not technically on the album

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What Girls Said 1

  • i dont have any idea about this.. please enlighten me someone!

    • They're a band lol. If you want you could look them up but you don't have to lol

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    • No lol it's fine lol I'm the only person I know who's heard of them. I don't think they were ever popular here in the US

    • thanks for the comforting words :)

What Guys Said 3

  • gosh,... nice to know there's someone else who knows 'em here :D

    yeah and "Blue Lines" album would be my fav by them... all songs from it were nice but my fav would be "Daydreaming" :)

  • Who are they?

  • I like Teardrop and I never even watched House. And of course Angel.

    • Do you think Angels their best song?

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    • I think Teardrop is their best, and I like What Your Soul Sings a little more than Angel.

    • I like 100th window but I feel like mainly Del Naja. I think they're a better band when Marshallhas had more input. What your soul sings is probably a highlight of that album though

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