Do you think personal responsibility is the end all be all?

In any large group of individuals, you will have people whose path went in direction A and you will have people whose path went in direction B. Regardless of effort, not everyone will be afforded the same opportunities ( and I say this referring to payment for work, grants, scholarships, and a host of other things).
Intelligence and motivation (intelligence is not a result of effort btw) are crucial yes.
However, applying one universal ultimatum to a large group of individuals from different parts of the world with different experiences makes NO SENSE.
There are stories of poor people becoming rich and there are stories of rich people becoming poor. No one person ever, EVER has the same experience in life.
However, there is a need for individuals to take up agency in efforts for positive social change. It sparked our revolution, it sparked other countries revolutions, and it needs to happen again because it has way more, WAY MORE to do with a broken structure than it does personal responsibility and effort. There are many people in many areas who simply will repeat the same cycle as their parents did. Look at Africa. It is run by druglords. It's the most resource-rich country on the planet and at the same time it has the highest population of poor people who cannot even get a clean glass of water. Are you going to tell me that if they would just pull up their boot straps and get to work, they can make something of themselves? Granted, Africa is an extreme case, but the point is, there IS social inequlity in this country, and personal responsibility can mean almost nothing, zero, ZILCH when you live under a structure that is completely broken and dominated by a select few individuals.
I dare any republican (asshole) to argue this point with me


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  • i think you're right.


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