Going to Pride Alone? My friends bailed.. What would you do?

Hey there,
So a few months ago I came out as bisexual to a couple of my closest friends. They were totally okay with it.
Once we heard that there's a pride parade being planned in my city, my friends said they would love to go with me. Now, a week before they both bailed (for not very good reasons I might add). Besides me feeling a bit hurt by the fact that my two best friends who said they were totally okay with this and supportive now seem to feel uncomfortable and not want to be there with me, I feel kind of lost.
I really want to go, I think it would be an awesome experience! I've never been, and even though I'm still one foot in the closet I want to be a part of it. In my country same sex marriage isn't legal yet and I feel it's important to be there for my rights as well as everyone else's to be who they are and be with whoever they please.
I haven't told any family or anything, just doesn't feel right yet. So that's not an option.
I'm just scared to go alone. I'm not afraid to be seen (not everyone at Pride is gay/bi/trans etc..). I just don't know if that's something people even do...
Any suggestions? Advice?
Also, any advice on how to deal with my friends right now?
Thank you so much :)
<3 <3


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  • Going to pride is part of learning curve for you and doing it will give you confidence to deal with your friends.


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  • just go and have fun!


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  • Just go alone...

    • Won't that be a little strange? Do other people go alone?

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  • go on your own.