Should I take a semester and wait to feel normal again after mono?

I have been over the acute stages for 3 weeks and all I suffer from is the occasional sore throat and cough that breaks up easily. I am back at work serving tables for the summer and I don't need my girlfriend to take care of me and I can work efficiently. The issues is I'm still so fatigued at certain points of the day and do nothing but pass out on my bed. Then when I wake up its 9 pm and I can't fall asleep again. My sleep schedule wrecked so I have told my girlfriend to make sure I don't nap in the day so I don't stay up all night but all I want to do is crash. I go back to school in a month I need to be more functional than this to pass this semester.


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  • wait a bit.

    • That what my guts telling me I hope I can get a medical pass so my financial aid and scholarships won't get cancelled. I don't know if I should risk that its a tough choice.

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