How should I confess my feelings?

He was my college class mate for 2 years. we met 3 years ago. I can say it was love at first sight. Everytime I see him I discover a new side of him. He was always interesting. he was calm yet energetic. He smiled a lot. He was nice. He sang in public, danced , made people feel happy for a moment and forget about their troubles for a while. He was a comfortable being. He was everything I ever wanted in a partner and in a lover. To me , in my Eyes he was perfect with all his flaws.

Now he Graduated and I can no longer get a hold of him. I can no longer see him. we weren't the best of friends. Now all I think about it tell him how I feel so I can get a closure. so I can find peace and move on with my life.

Thank you.


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  • Do not tell him how you feel, you might freak him out. You should just get in contact with him and tell him that you miss him and really want to see him again. When you meet tell him you want to try dating. Once you're dating then you can slowly reveal you had feelings for him and progress it to a relationship. Just do not tell him how you feel right now, no matter how much you want to.

    • is it really weird? the way I feel about him?
      I can understand he might be shocked at first but freak out? xD

    • It's basically this, you want to do everything possible to increase your chances of being with him. What would revealing your feelings do? One of two things: A) he reciprocates or B) he's caught off guard if he doesn't feel the same way and if you did ask him out at this point he will say no because he wouldn't want to jump into dating someone who definitely wants a relationship... there would be extra pressure on him. However, you can skip this risk by just doing what I said before. If you asked him to out he's more likely to say yes even if he's on the fence about it because he wouldn't feel the extra pressure. Also, if he does feel the same way you will find out eventually if you start dating. Revealing your feelings will introduce greater unnecessary while taking it one step at a time won't. I hope that makes sense :)

    • *greater unnecessary risk*

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  • My love is like diarrhea , it won't stop.


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  • Call him to meet up and tell him in person. If he feels the same way he will let you know if not then play it cool and have closure, with positive remarks about your friendship, then thank him for meeting up