Why are East Asians are the most self hating and want nothing more then to be pale skinned and look as close as they can to white people?

It's mainly East Asians (Korea and Japan) but East Indians and Chinese too who are almost just as obsessed as the East Asians with bleaching their skin so they can pretend they are white people. Not to mention the double eye lid surgery that is a status symbol and is what everyone sees as most beautiful there and strives to be like. And you'll notice a vast majority of Asian girls will prefer a white man to their own men! Why are they so self hating about who they are as a race and as a people? Why don't they love how they look and why do they deem how they are naturally born as less compared to how white people look?


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  • That's so not true...

    • So what I said is a lie? Asians don't strive to look as white as possible and hold whiteness as the ultimate beauty standard?

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  • I have lived and travelled through east Asia and I have a Korean girlfriend and would like to correct you a bit on that. East Asian people don't hate themselves or the way they look. And no, they are not more (or less) obsessed with beauty as anyone else in the world. You are, however, right about the fact that caucasian looks are the current beauty standard in east Asia. This has nothing to do with self-hatred. Every country/culture has certain beauty standards and most of them are irrational. Additionally, beauty standards are especially important in developing regions of the world. If you'll ever travel to Korea or China, you will see that people there tend to be extremely materialistic. To me as liberal European, this was something very hard to deal with in the beginning (I already thought Americans were materialistic). However, if one understands the history of these countries (which I can't go into here), he/she will understand why the people there are the way they are. Take Korea. Korea was an unimaginably poor country 60 years ago. It was basically what Somalia is today. And not only was it poor, its society, politics and economy were totally fucked up because of world war two and the Korean war. 60 years and several extremely brutal dictatorships later, South Korea has managed to become the 13th largest economy in the world and a peaceful and democratic nation. There's a generation in Korea still living today who started with absolutely nothing. These people were eating rice mixed with dirt from the ground. And now they have dish washers and special refridgerators for storing Kimchi and they can go to the movie theater. It's impossible for us westerners to even imagine what life must feel like for these people. They are incredibly happy about the lifestyle they have now (which is very luxurious for them). But because it came so fast, many of them also don't know how to set their priorities correctly. I like to say how unimportant money is to me. But then again, I was born in one of the richest countries in the world with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. Obviously, I've never had to really worry about money. For people in Korea or China it's very different. Money - and the showing it to everyone - is extremely important to these people, simply because they've never had it before. And one way to show that you are well off (status symbol) are plastic surgeries. But this doesn't mean that the beauty standards are stranger than

    • anywhere else. In Europe, we still have two generations (my grandparents' and my parents' generation) who think that being dark-skinned is particularly beautiful. When I go swimming with my family (we go swimming a lot in Switzerland), my mom mocks me almost every time about me being "so pale". I can't even tell you how much she gets on my nerves with those comments. Every time she sees me in my swim suit she goes like "You should really lie under the sun, you look totally unhealthy". And she's by far not the only one who thinks so. Being tanned or having big lips belongs to the beauty standard in western countries. That's not more or less weird than what east Asian people believe. And none of those Europeans or Americans hate themselves, they simply believe that dark-skinned people look prettier. Beauty standards are by definition not rational. A great example for this are all those models who have anorexia.

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  • Why are white people obsessed with tanning, big booties and having huge lips?

    • That's a valid point. Answer mine first and I'll answer yours.

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  • Have you asked any of them?