I'm thinking about going to college for Human Resource Manager, what do you guys think of that field/profession?

I'm going to meet with the admissions guy tomorrow about it, it's a 4 year Bachelors degree program. Is this a good field to get in? Will I have a hard time finding a job?


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  • To be honest, I would consult my personal adviser or whoever is head of the program first. Something else that may help is simply doing your own research. I had intended on going to school for a culinary degree but backed out of it. So then I figure, I really like math and I enjoy working alone more than in a team or group and this led me to Accounting. I then researched the different career opportunities and covered some blogs about Accounting degrees and figured I'd have many options and a decent salary with this degree. I would definitely consult and adviser and the head of the degree program if possible, but doing a little homework yourself helps too Hope this helps.


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  • Go for it. Any major will be good. Companies care that you have a degree, they don't necessarily care what you majored in.


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  • You won't have too hard a time finding a job.

    As for what I think about HR: they are they cause of billions upon billions of dollars of lost economic opportunity due to their complete lack of understanding of business and their complete lack of accountability. But they're a necessary evil.

    They are like insurance: you pay for them for the god-awful times you wish won't happen, like a sexual harassment suit against one of your employees.

    But honestly, I try to keep HR's role as limited as possible in my business, and if I could safely eliminate the position, I would.


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