What do you guys think of my video editing?

This is a video i made of my youth groups mission trip to Colorado. Do y'all like it? What do you like/dislike about it?

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  • its good!.


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  • First you need a steady cam.

    It's just a random collage of video clips with no apparent order to them. Maybe if it was done in chronological order it would give the appearance of telling a story or something and might be better.

    • I fo have a steady cam, but a lot of this footage was shot from body mounted positins, i. e. A headmount and chestmount. Actually it was in chronological order, it may not have appeared so but with the exception of maybe three clips it was chronological

    • it doesn't appear chronological cuz it goes from outdoor shot to indoor, back to outdoor, then indoor.

      There may be some chronology from your perspective since you lived it and filmed it, but not from that of an outsider to these events.

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  • It looks ok.
    Lots of the footage is shaky, but I doubt you had any control over that. Syncing the action to the music would look nicer, in my opinion.

  • looks good :)


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