My mentor isn't replying to my mail?

My mentor is one of the most important people in my life. Recently when my grandma was talking about some old gossip about her (mentors) failed marriage, I got angry and defended her. In the process I let slip a few minor details which were confidential.
My grandmoms sister in law is this person who has always wished I'll for my family and has truied to bring my dad down. despite this my grandmom welcomes her home. She also happens to be my mentor's sister's best friend. When she came over recently, I told them about how much I am excited about working with my mentor ( I would be punished for not talking to them politely. Stupid i know) .
My grandmom immediately brought up the old gossip again (she really pisses me off at times) and dragged me in by saying I had told her certain things. I got so upset and I said I don't want to be involved and walked away.
I immediately wrote an apology email to my mentor telling her what happened because I don't want her to hear some twisted version of what happened.
She has not replied and it is eating at me. she usially replies in a few hour. I don't even care about my internship at this point. I just want things to be okay between her and me. what do I do?

Thanks all of you :) she laughed at the whole thing and told me to stop overthinking :p


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  • Be patient. Don't send anything else. Just play the waiting game.


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  • If she is a decent person and it sounds like she is one - she probably will not cause you to lose your job or internship over this but might only associate with you on a professional basis from now on.


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  • just wait a bit.