Should I drop out of college and if I drop out will I be considered a failure?

I had a near perfect ACT score and worked hard to be the top of my class with a 4.0. First year of college I bad a 4.0. Second year and summer my gpa has fallen to 3.4 and I could have had a 3.9 but tbh I stopped studying. Going into my junior year I know I won't do well and lost my full academic scholarship because i didn't keep a 3.5. I don't really care and i want every ecxuse to drop out cause school bores me. so I'm considering dropping out and going to trade school. Would that make me a failure cause I'm seriously considering dropping out and joining my buddies landscaping company instead of getting a degree.


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  • You have already done two years of it. In the words of mortal combat...

    FINISH HIM (college being "him")

    Not to mention a degree in this day and age will do a lot for you. Also, small business are a pain I the ass (family owns one) and 50% of them fail. So why not complete you last two years and then try out landscaping. Just finish what you started.

    And remember, if your going to do something do it well. It isn't that hard but it will open doors that you trade school buddies will never even see.

    • Well I'm kinda screwed financially cause I lost all my scholarships so I'll be paying 28000 a year now so I don't know if its even wort going I to debt. I blame myself of course for never going to class, never buying books or taking school seriously but still I dknt want to take loans out.

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    • Both my siblings have phd's and were in school until 30. I just want to find a field I like cause if I do I may go on ohf track but I'm lost right now.

    • If you can PHD in Klingon I'm pretty sure there is something that you would fancy. Just find out what you love and do it.

      So let's say you like landscaping and just being outside. Well doctor in soil or geology or wildlife conservation.
      -Work as a park ranger (with a PHD you'll practically own the place)
      - work as a geologist for oil drilling
      - become a soil analysts
      - or major in the archeological field and become Indiana Jones (that's me).

      There are endless opportunities. Just remember that a PHD will take you places that your landscaping buddies will never even get the opportunity to go.

      Most importantly... Don't waste your brain!!!

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  • This may not be the most popular answer but if you are not motivated then drop out or your gpa will continue to plummet. I say this because I was in the same situation as you. I went to college trying to fit everyone expectations. In the middle of the semester I stopped going to classes and turning in assignments. I didn't know what I wanted to study so I went into a field I had no interest in. So drop out now and when you're ready to go back then go back and finish. Its better to go when you're ready.☺

    • Well I don't know if I will ever go back cause I need to pay lol so I don't know if I even want to take loans out.

  • dont drop out.

    • Why not lol I lost my full ride and will pay it all out of pocket. It's my fault for not buying books, only going to class on test days, and I'm stuck paying full tuition. Plus I hate school and don't feel motivated to even pay tuition next semester cause I need to take loans out.

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  • I dont think that its a good idea

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